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StarGate RPG

The Ori War

5/4/07 10:22 am - cpt_ritter - Episode 7: Secrets That Scorch The Soul

A secret has been hidden from the people for Earth for the longest time, a secret that brings men and women from the armed forces back in body bags every day. Every funeral reminds the people of the world that there is a war going on somewhere, yet it isn't visible. No one knows why.

The President of the United States, at the forefront of the debate with the International Committee is debating bringing the program public. General Landry summons SG-1, SG-2, and SG-3 to go to Washington to discuss the proposition. As tensions mount, Earth may very well become a battleground... and the Ori would walk to Earth unopposed.

And en route to Earth, an Ori fleet prepares to enslave the greatest obstacle to their dominance...

4/8/07 07:11 pm - cpt_ritter - RP RESTART

As you may or may not have noticed, we have recovered from a massive slump. We are finishing our current missions, which are Episode 6 and Intermission 5-6. Both are located several posts down, unfortunately there is little we can do to update our order of posts, such is a limitation of LJ, have at it.

4/3/07 01:39 pm - nightingale2610 - Restart?

Okay people, who's in favour of getting this RPG going again? I've missed it so I think it'd be great if we could start it up again. What do you guys think?

11/13/06 11:38 pm - smileyluv - Sorry...

I am so sorry that I have not replied to the RPG lately...I have just been totally busy with classes and such..I am hoping to get back in with the RPG soon...again, I am sorry :D

9/2/06 07:20 pm - koushi_san - New Char.

Name - Tyler Reynolds
Rank - Major
Military Branch - Air Force
Age - 30
Basic Background - Tyler is pretty much lucky to still be in the Air Force, as he likes having fun a little too much at times. Someone had faith in him though and he got into SGC. He considers Lt. Col.Mitchell a close friend, but he doesn't know how Mitchell feels.
Gender - Male
A Picture - Jensen Ackles (from Supernatural)
Staring Position - (i.e. SGC, Atlantis, or BC-304 Personel) - SGC

8/16/06 05:59 pm - cpt_ritter - Its Started

I know you were bothering me about this awhile ago CKO... so I finally started it. I've started the conversion of old episodes in this RP into fic format. Will they be identical, doubtful, I have to take alot of creative license with regards to it. I'll keep you apprised as we go. Think of it as turning into a virtual series without the script.

8/13/06 12:30 am - ckojlf - The Fate of the Galaxy WP

Enjoy and of course snurchin is allowed ;)


8/8/06 08:45 pm - cpt_ritter - Intermission 5-6: A Scientific Approach To Matrimony

Rodney McKay never expect to find true love on Atlantis, he never expected to find it at all in fact. Oh sure, he had his fantasies... never mind the fact that most women he fantisized about would kick his ass if they found out. Sam Carter being the foremost in that.

But with Abby he found something different, a reason to put his life on the line, and not because Sheppard had threatened to kill him. So, with two scientists about to get married, Doctor Weir has to deal with two Becketts as well, even though Carson has been conspicuously absent recently, along with Laura Cadman.

But hey, if there ever was a scientific approach to matrimony, these two will find it.

7/22/06 10:54 am - cpt_ritter - Episode 6: Seeds of Death

Another Prior is discovered on P8Y-995 and again SG-1, SG-2, and SG-3 are sent to investigate. What was supposed to be a relatively simple mission, turns horribly awry when they are caught in the center of a massive culling by two Hive ships. They'll need all their luck and strength to survive...

6/23/06 12:09 am - ckojlf - updated couples WP

alright... said i would... and i did... so here it is..........

enjoy and snurchin is allowed

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